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10th November 2017 - Secondary school
On Friday 10th November the ESK Art department visited the Rodin Exhibition and had a tour of the new Arkin University of creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) the temporary exhibition of Mr Erbil Arkin’s private collection was entitled ‘Augueste Rodin...
9th November 2017 - Primary school
The ‘Little Sprouts Theatre’, an Argentinian theatre company, performed an interactive play called ‘The Stone Soup’ (Taş Çorbası) at ESK on Thursday, 9th November 2017. It was an educational play, performed in English, which aimed to teach the...
7th November 2017 - Primary school
On Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th November Year 3 had a thoroughly enjoyable trip as part of our Romans topic.  Teachers and children dressed up as Romans for the day and we pretended to step back in time as we wandered around Saint Barnabas...
2nd November 2017 - Primary school
As an introduction to our new topic ‘Toys’, the Year 1 children had a wonderful opportunity to visit the Arabahmet Kültür Evi’s ‘Toy Museum’ and Aksoy’s Toy Shop in Lefkoşa. As part of their learning, the children had to compare old and new toys. We...
31st October 2017 - Secondary school
Huge congratulations to our Y12 student Darem Kadiroğulları who was awarded top in the world for IGCSE Art and Design. Darem proudly achieved the highest international mark for her detailed exam drawing and outstanding preparation work.
29th October 2017 - Primary school
Demokrasi ilkesinin en yeni ve akılcı uygulamasını sağlayan hükümet biçimi Cumhuriyetin; Türkiye Büyük Millet Meclisi tarafından kabul edilmesinin 94. yıl dönümünü okulumuzda da coşkuyla kutladık. 6. Sınıf öğrencilerimizden Elay Şener ve Mustafa...
27th October 2017 - Primary school
We dressed up in costumes and became Roman’s for the day. Our day began when we had a traditional Roman breakfast of bread, dates, honey and olives and grape juice. The feast set us up for the exciting activities that were planned for the rest of...
25th October 2017 - Primary school
As an introduction to our new Topic ‘Toy Story’, the Year 1 teacher’s invited parents to share some of their old toys which they played with when they were children. One of the parents from 1KD Svitlana Sukhachova had bought in a toy which was more...
23rd October 2017 - Primary school
Temaşa Sanat Akademisi oyuncuları tarafından sahnelenen "Geleceğin Çocukları" adlı tiyatro oyunu okulumuzda büyük bir ilgi ve beğeniyle izlendi. ‘’Doğamızı korumayı başarırsak, doğamıza iyi bakarsak aynı şekilde doğa da bize karşılık verecektir."...
22nd October 2017 - Secondary school
The marathon, which is organized traditionally, every year by the Nicosia Turkish Municipality (LTB) was completed on 22 October, 2017. It was great to see some of our ESK parents and students there. The organization aimed to collect money for` SOS...



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