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16th December 2016 - Secondary school
  Year 12 and 13 studnets sharing time with Year 7 students as big 'sisters' and 'brothers'       We had the pleasure of launching the ESK Secondary School Buddy Programme earlier this term.  This is a mentoring programme that pairs Year 7 students...
15th December 2016 - Primary school
Do pop in to the ESK Library this week to see our very own ‘Book Festive Tree’ which was decorated by our students.   Happy Holiday wishes from the ESK Library team and helper students..! By the ESK Library Team
9th December 2016 - Secondary school
ESK Year 9 students have been studying e-safety as part of their Computer Science course. They have undertaken a project to produce videos about online safety to provide important advice to all.  Here are three of the videos which are really worth...
9th December 2016 - Primary school
  We are happy to announce a brand new ‘Author of the Month’ display in the ESK library. Mrs Denise Ersalahi Erguler, an ESK parent, has just published her first children’s book entitled 'The Adventures of Shifting Jack: A New Home'.  We...
6th December 2016 - Primary school
As part of their Roman topic, Year 3 recently visited St Barnabas and the ancient ruins of Salamis. Prior to them visiting Salamis the Year 3 teachers arranged a week of fun, learning activities which included digging for archaeological remains,...
5th December 2016 - Primary school
After weeks of learning lines, practising songs, getting costumes organised and perfecting the acting skills on stage, Year 4’s production of ‘Amazing Egyptians – The Musical’ was finally ready to perform. The dress rehearsal to Y2 & 3 went off...
5th December 2016 - Secondary school
Well done to our three musicians, Ezgi Irıkzade (cello), Sera Gürler (French horn) and Zeynep Todd (flute) who took part and represented our school in Unite, which took place at the Strovolos Municipal Theatre on December the 5th. Unite is a yearly...
2nd December 2016 - Primary school
Yazan Tuba Demirsoy, İlkokul Türkçe Bölüm Başkanı 2 Aralık Cuma günü okulumuzda 1. Sanat Atölyesi Tiyatro Topluluğu tarafından "Oz Büyücüsü" adlı müzikli çocuk oyunu sahnelendi. İlkokul öğrencilerimizin ilgiyle izlediği bu oyunda dostluğun,...
2nd December 2016 - Secondary school
  Very special congratulations go to ESK Sixth Form student Holly Cartwright who has just been awarded the UK’s Margaret and Reg Turnill Prize, (£1,000), on November 27th for her short story “The Fallow Sons of a Failed Astronaut.” She was short-...
1st December 2016 - Primary school
A new and highly successful cross-phase initiative took place this term involving Secondary Drama and PY. As part of the ‘Alice’ production a special matinee performance was held for all Year 5 and Year 6 pupils on November 9th, with an almost 100%...



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