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Residential Trips


Our aim is to provide every child with a broad and balanced curriculum that allows them to develop as knowledgeable and confident young individuals. The programs of study we teach are designed to do this.


Part of this program includes our outdoor adventurous activity program which begins in nursery and continues right through into the secondary school. In an environment outside their 'normal' classroom experience, pupils are encouraged to consider their own and others' feelings, and the consequences of their actions, how to support each other and how to deal with unfamiliar situations.


Throughout Foundation and Key Stage 1 educational visits are a common feature of our curriculum. These visits allow children to venture into unfamiliar situations and meet new people without their parents. Upon reaching Key Stage 2 the children will spend whole nights away from home. For many children this is often their first time away from home and can be a very powerful learning experience. To watch some go quickly from being homesick, to enjoying this new experience with their friends is always very rewarding. Pupils have opportunities to experience success and to celebrate their achievements, making a real difference to their self-esteem and confidence.


The program of residential trips will vary from year to year but currently is as follows:


Year 3:

Overnight stay in school

Night-time study – science focus

Following instructions

Dealing with new situations


Year 4:

2 day and 2 night stay in children’s camp

Arts focus


Team building


Year 5:

4 day, 3 nights stay at Balcı Plaza Karpaz

Physical challenge, mountain walking

Personal challenge

Science study – life and living processes

Independence and team building


Year 6:

4 day, 3 nights stay at Balcı Plaza Karpaz

Geography Field study - Coastal study

Cyprus culture study

Independence and Team building

Personal Safety

Problem solving, forward thinking, initiative training.


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  • North Cyprus
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