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18th April 2018
Radyo Güven’in düzenlemiş olduğu “Ulusal Egemenlik” konulu şiir ve kompozisyon yarışmasında kompozisyon dalında 5. Sınıf öğrencilerimizden Derin Su Tunçbilek birinci, 5. Sınıf öğrencilerimizden Ela Tütengil ikinci, 6. Sınıf öğrencilerimizden Tülin...
9th March 2018
Dear all, We celebrated World Book Day with our lovely primary students on Friday 9th March, 2018. Zoe Langhorn had organized 22 classes to visit the library to watch “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” .  The film was awarded the...
6th March 2018
5. Sınıf öğrencilerimizin Kıbrıs kültürünü yaparak ve yaşayarak öğrenmeleri amacıyla düzenlenen ‘Kıbrıs Kültür Günü Sergisi’nde öğrencilerimizin hazırlamış oldukları projeleri sergilendi.Öğrencilerimiz Kıbrıs Coğrafyası, El Sanatları, Geleneksel...
23rd February 2018
All of Year Six have been working on an English project about the Northern Lights. They spent three weeks within their English lessons creating three different pieces of writing. After watching videos, seeing pictures and researching at home, the...
22nd February 2018
Knowledge gained in school is only one goal of education. The primary goals of education should be enabling students to gain knowledge and moral values. Our children will need both in preparing themselves to be good citizens in society. As we at The...
22nd February 2018
Recycling is such an important issue across the world as waste has a negative impact on our planet. At ESK we want to ensure that we are doing what we can to help the environment and make sure that we are protecting our planet for future generations...
14th February 2018
‘Run along the Rainbow Road to take a look at the joyous journey of writing throughout our Primary School’. If you haven’t already had the opportunity to view our newly updated display then please come by and have a look (located near the main...
2nd February 2018
The Primary school children have begun to focus on the ESK Values of Respect, Honesty, Justice, Sincerity, Trust and Integrity. We introduced the first value of Respect last half-term and the children focus on how to respect themselves, others and...
1st January 2018
We are so grateful to Ege Erener and Onay Hattab from class 5M who are the creators of EGON. Our lovely library robot is here to remind you all to return the library books on time. Also EGON loves to pose for pictures with our younger readers.  
21st December 2017
As part of our topic about food, year two were lucky enough to have the chance to visit Uncle Sam’s to make their very own pizza! They learnt how to roll the dough, spread the sauce and add the toppings on the top. They had so much fun, and enjoyed...



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