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Primary School Summer Fete

On Thursday June 1st the primary school Summer Fete took place. The aim of the fete is two-fold. Firstly and most importantly it is a chance for the children to organise an event in their class and secondly for the School Council to raise funds for their two projects this year.

For the fete, with a little help if needed, the children decided what their stall would be; they made or sourced their produce, decided their prices and advertised their stall. They worked out the costings and projected their profits to ensure that no losses were made. On the day, the children ran their stalls, took the money and gave the change. Afterwards, they counted up their takings, deducted their overheads and worked out their profits.

The children were so excited about the day and could not wait to set up their stalls and help to raise money for their projects which were this time, the Turtle tagging project and the KS1 playground project.

The children also had a wonderful time spending their money on the other stalls and looking for bargains. We also noticed a bit of old fashioned bartering going on, a typical feature of any good Bazaar!

Thank you to all of those who supported us, not only the children but the donations from families, the mums and dads who prepared the most delicious food that was on sale and of course all those friends and families who came and spent their money. All in all just over 5,800 TL was raised. This is an amazing outcome and we thank everyone.

The school council’s next project is the Cyprus Turtle and Wildlife Information Day in September, where we hope to raise the rest of the money needed to pay for our turtle’s tag.



(By Judith Green, Head of Primary)



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