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Recycling at ESK

Recycling is such an important issue across the world as waste has a negative impact on our planet. At ESK we want to ensure that we are doing what we can to help the environment and make sure that we are protecting our planet for future generations to come. As an eco-friendly school, each class is now responsible for collecting paper to be recycled. We use a lot of paper and so now have a duty to make sure that this paper is not wasted and can be used again. Each day recycling monitors around the school collect the recycled papers and empty them into one of the huge recycling boxes located around the school. This is then collected by our maintenance team, shredded, mixed with water and turned into paper bricks. These paper bricks can then be used to burn on fires instead of logs. In addition to making paper bricks we also have many recycling cages around the outside of the school to collect plastic bottles to be recycled. At ESK we understand the importance of why we need to recycle, so join us in our first step to start saving and protecting our planet.


  • Bilim Sokak
  • Bellapais - Kyrenia
  • North Cyprus
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