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Y6 Karpaz Residential Trip Blog/Day 3

Another fantastic day in lovely Karpaz!!

After breakfast, the first of five groups were lucky enough to visit the ESK farm situated on Balcı Plaza. They saw all the different animals and discussed the importance of where food comes from. Whist some of the children were there, the others were preparing for their first room inspection!

After rooms were inspected, all children collected their clipboards and went on a coastal walk. On route, they completed a scavenger hunt and when reaching the bay, they discussed what they could see. We all shared ideas about the coastline and how erosion affects our beaches. The children noticed some brilliant features and explained definitions particularly well.  We then went to the second beach to compare what we could see.

Later on after lunch, the children were mixed up again into groups to complete different activities. Children were making shelters, creating floating vessels, orienteering for clues and filtering water to make clean water. The adults were particularly impressed with the children's team working skills and their use of imagination when using the limited resources. There were lots of successful shelters and we will test our floating vessels tomorrow in the sea! The final activity was a paining project, which is being displayed on the side of the accommodation blocks the children are using. We will display the finish project on Thursday.

After the activities were complete, another group got the chance to go to the farm and then all the children had another yummy dinner with Hasan.

Finally we grabbed our torches again and were lead to an empty space to star gaze. We watched the stars and discussed the different patterns they make and why they are so visible in the Karpaz. The children were even lucky enough to hear Mrs Green explain to them how light travels and how long the star's light takes to reach us.

After another sing a-long and hot chocolate, the children crept quietly off to bed ready for a busy day today!


(By Year 6 Team) 



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