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Y6 Old Mill Trip

Year Six were lucky enough to be invited to an art workshop in Bellapais. Before the trip, the children learnt about the Old Mill and what it was originally used for and how the old machinery worked.  They learnt about the restoration of the mill and the advantages of museums, as well as what to be careful of whilst they were there.

When each class arrived at the Old Mill, they were given a tour of the museum, by the owner, who explained about the history of the building and how they had found and recovered the different items. Afterwards, our local artist introduced herself and gave the class a tour of her exhibition, explaining all the different types of art and the influences of each piece. We gave the children their chosen topic and time to think about their artwork over snack time.

Once the children finished their snack, they were full of ideas. They were resourced with a variety of art material and equipment and had to work together to create their pieces within groups. The children worked extremely well and showed outstanding behaviour; the art work they produced was fantastic!

Within lessons at school, the children extended their knowledge of Bellapais and its history. The children researched and created informative posters about olive oil as well as PowerPoint presentation. They carefully sketched an image of the Bellapais abbey from different angles. As well as, creating persuasive posters to visit the Old Mill.

The Year six teachers and TAs, Mrs Turan and Mr Roberts were so impressed with out art work and Bellapais work, that they will be creating a lovely display in the dining room for the whole school to see. Well done Year Six!

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