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The school counselling service at the English School of Kyrenia is provided by our Child Psychologists who are qualified to masters and post graduate level and have studied and worked both in the UK and Cyprus.


The counselling program is designed to provide social, emotional and psychological support to students, their families and practical help to their teachers in order to allow students to learn effectively.


Counselling helps students and their families to understand their situations better and gives them new ways of coping with issues and crisis that cause them upset. The Counselling service also provides students with a calm safe place to express their emotions, feelings and thoughts.


Primary pupils are referred by class teachers via the Head teacher. Families may also access the school counsellor by initially contacting the class teacher or headteacher. In the Primary school parents are required to sign a consent form before a counseling program begins with their child.


  • Bilim Sokak
  • Bellapais - Kyrenia
  • North Cyprus
  • (via Mersin 10 Turkey)


+90 392 444 0375