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ESK’s Third IB graduating class


Although last year’s IBD results were very good indeed, this year’s surpassed them by a lot.  The global average rises by a small amount each year, and this year was 30.07 (out of a maximum 45 points) up by 0.07, we exceeded this average by a massive 3.0, having an average of 33.0 points per student. In making comparison with the 80 IB schools in the UK we would rank at #11 amongst the small cohort IB schools.


17 subjects were assessed, 6 subjects were well above the global average at 6.0; English HL, Biology HL, Chemistry HL, Geography HL, French SL, and Turkish SL.  8 subjects were on the global average.  Subject category global averages range between about 4.2-5.1 each year out of a maximum of 7.0.


Top scorers were Deniz Vaizoğlu with 39.0, who will be attending University College London to read Neuroscience, (which ranks as #2 worldwide in this discipline), and Molly Street with a score of 35, who will be studying Law at Newcastle University.


ESK’s first A-Level graduating class


The UK National average for A* as a percentage this year was 8.1% which our students exceeded by nearly doubling this, at 14.3%.  The UK National average for A* and A as a percentage this year was 25.8%, which again our students very nearly doubled by gaining 48.6%. Two students, Matan Ben Dek, and Kaan Ibrahim in Y12 gained AS results of 4 A grades each, a wonderful half-way point in readiness for next year’s full A2 achievements.


ESK students win prestigious EU scholarships


Two applicants for scholarships amounting to no less than £15,000 gained awards; Sine Özkaraşahin and Ekim İncirli.  Sine will be studying International Studies at Leiden University, and Ekim Politics and International Relations at the University of Kent.


IGCSE Results 2016


ESK students produced our best ever IGCSE / GCSE results this summer, they were even better than last year and again, truly world class! It is generally held that gaining the highest grades in IGCSE is more demanding than gaining those in GCSE which is why the best schools use them. Our IGCSE and GCSE results this year would place us within the top 9% of UK independent secondary schools!


The table below illustrates that we exceeded UK national averages by an even larger amount than last year, which was highly successful.


Our IGCSE and GCSE pass rate was 100% for the second year in a row.



GCSE/IGCSE                      UK National Average                 ESK Average

A*                                                    6.5%                                             26%

A* and A                                        20.6%                                          48%

A* - C                                             66.9%                                           92%


Top performers include:


Name A* A B Total Passes
Alara Deren 4 3   7 IGCSE/GCSEs
Deniz Dirisu   3 5 1 9 IGCSE/GCSEs
Naz Fincancıoğlu   6 2 9 IGCSE/GCSEs
Ozan Karaca 5 2 3 10 IGCSE/GCSEs
Daniel Todd 5 1 3 9 IGCSE/GCSEs
Gülten Dana 4 2 2 8 IGCSE/GCSEs
Efe Alatlı 2 2 3 8 IGCSE/GCSEs
Ege Eraslan  4 1 3 9 IGCSE/GCSEs
Bensu Erbekir  3 2 3 10 IGCSE/GCSEs
Jaroslaw Kwiatowski    5 1 8 IGCSE/GCSEs
Özge Öztürker 2 3 3 10 IGCSE/GCSEs
Can Paşa 2 3 2 8 IGCSE/GCSEs




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