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SWIMMING - March 2016


ESK performed outstandingly in the March 2016 Inter-School Swimming Gala. Bahar San and Mert Tursoy in year 6, broke the course record. Mert went on to win 4 gold medals and Bahar San 3 gold medals. The ESK Primary Girls Swimming team managed an overall second place podium finish.


Mckenzie Freeland (Y6), Yasem Karaca (Y7), Zeynep Todd (Y9), Mckenzie Freeland(Y6), Leah Swanson (Y9) all won their races over the 3 days.


Serra Soydan (Y5), Trinity Taylor-Burroughs (Y9) and Doruk Sah (Y5), Ella Ozikiz (Y6) all came second. Ella Ozikiz (Y6), Mckenzie Freeland (Y6), Bahar San (Y6) and Serra Soydan (Y5) finished second in the primary Girls Freestyle team relay.


Hana Omer (Y8), Beliz Akari (9) and Ezgi Irikade (Y9), Sanem Kutlu (Y6) all finished 3rd in their races.


The Lower Secondary girls finished the 100m Freestyle relay event in 4th place, with brave performances from Trinity Taylor-Burroughs (9), Zeynep Todd (9), Beliz Akari (9) and Yasem Karaca (7). This led to the Lower Secondary Girls Swimming Gala finishing with ESK in 4th position overall.


In the Primary Boys Gala, ESK finished 3rd overall. We are very proud of the ESK students that took part so if you see any of them, please congratulate them.



FENCING - February 2016


ESK had 4 individuals receive podium positions in the 2016 fencing competitions and ESK finish second place in the schools league for both Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary Girls.


Azra Say-Oyun 10S came second in North Cyprus.

Irem Kesim 10E came third.


Ece Deniz Oncul - (Year 8) finished in first place

Sera Guler – (Year 9) finished third.


With these results ESK will surely have students represent North Cyprus in Turkey at the upcoming Championships.



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