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Able, Gifted & Talented Programme


ESK has a developed Able, Gifted & Talented Programme (A,G&T) in place to identify and further stimulate students to reach their potential. 

The A,G&T Coordinators annually maintain and update the A,G&T register following nominations from and discussions with the teaching staff. The school promotes the learning experiences and opportunities for all students, both within the curriculum and through extra-curricular activities, while continuously seeking extension and enrichment opportunities such as competitions, partnership work, subject clubs and extended summer projects.

Students are also made aware of local, national and international opportunities.



Leadership Programme


The English School of Kyrenia teaches Leadership as a subject to secondary school pupils. The ‘Learning to Lead’ programme has been designed and written by TFL Education in the UK and is endorsed by the Royal Chartered Management Institute (CMI) in London.


The curriculum covers valuable life skills including: communication, team leading, thinking differently, goal setting, giving a speech, and dealing with difficult people. It examines and develops leadership traits such as courage, resilience, trust and integrity. At the end of the course students have the chance to receive a certificate, endorsed by the Royal Chartered Management Institute, as recognition of their achievements in a unique course.


Mr Eric Liddell, co-founder of TFL Education in the UK states that:   ‘Recent Educational research has highlighted how character traits and leadership skills are directly linked to a student’s ability to flourish at school and in the workplace. The rational conclusion is that we must include character and leadership education in our school curriculums so that students have the opportunity to develop a variety of behaviours and learn a range of skills to prepare them for the life challenges they will face as adults. ‘


Mr Liddell, whose TFL (Teaching Future Leaders) courses are being taught in schools across the globe, added: ‘Our findings show that these skills are not inherited or acquired accidently. They must be taught, modelled and encouraged. We are delighted that The English School of Kyrenia has the foresight to prepare its students to have the skills and confidence to be the leaders of the next generation.’



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