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Buddy Lunch

On Friday, the ESK Prefects organised a fun lunch hour for Year 7 students and their Year 12 and 13 buddies. After a chatty lunch together, the 140 students adjourned to the courts: some to play football and some to take part in relay egg and spoon races. The older students were impressed by their Year 7 buddies’s sense of fun, competitiveness and determination in the egg and spoon race. To spice up the race some Year 7 students were lucky enough to run the egg and spoon relay piggybacking on their older buddies! It certainly was a sight to behold, and the laughter was positively infectious.


Meanwhile, in the adjoining football court, a number of Year 7 boys were giving their older buddies a run for their money. Impressive football skills were on display with the very nimble Year 7s soon tiring out Sixth Formers who weren’t short of snazzy moves themselves! Whilst a fun time was had by all, a few of the older boys were heard saying that they needed a bit more practice to keep up with (and maybe show off to) their younger buddies!


The ESK Buddy Programme is in its second year. It was developed to forge bonds between the youngest and oldest students in Secondary School and enable informal mentoring and leadership as well as to build friendships and school spirit across the age groups.



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