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THE fourth graduates of The English School of Kyrenia were celebrated at a ceremony on June 24th 2017. The graduation ceremony held in ESK’s Great Hall was attended by school officials and academic staff, students’ families and guest speaker Professor Dorothy Griffiths of Imperial College, University of London. 

In her address to the students, ESK’s Chair of the Board, Bilge Nevzat, said ESK was founded on a dream to provide a world-class education in Cyprus in the hope of helping students to develop and become the young ladies and gentlemen to be proud of. Addressing the new graduates, she said: “strength of character will inevitably contribute to your future success. Without it, having all the subject knowledge in the world is simply not enough. Your graduation ceremony is a special day to celebrate your accomplishments and to search for inspiration for your lives beyond today. You have worked hard to reach this day and should be proud of yourselves.”

She explained that the school was founded on the basis of 6 very important principles: respect, honesty, justice, sincerity, trust and integrity and advised the graduating class to take the next step towards their future, be true to the six principles which have been instilled in their values throughout years at the ESK. Bilge Nevzat concluded her speech with a ‘graduating wish’: “for all of you to have the wisdom to choose the path in your life which will lead to happiness, as I believe that happiness is the purpose of life.”

The Founding Director of The English School of Kyrenia, Fehim Nevzat addressed the guests and students and said: “There are three fundamental features to a successful education: devoted students, committed staff and dedicated family members and at ESK we aim to incorporate these three factors and provide a quality international education, while developing well rounded, inspired and cultured global citizens.” He quoted the American author and entrepreneur, Guy Kawasaki: ‘If you have to put someone on a pedestal, put teachers. They are society’s heroes’. In his speech he thanked all the parents, grandparents and family members who have made so many sacrifices for the education and development of the graduates and concluded words by congratulating the Class of 2017.

Professor Dorothy Griffiths, of Imperial College, University of London, said the students were lucky to have such a high-standard education in the TRNC. “This success is not just the success of ESK but the success of North Cyprus,” she said. She also advised the graduates “not to worry about making mistakes, as they are inevitable, and this is how you learn.”

ESK’s Principal Hector Macdonald extended warm thanks to parents, grandparents, siblings of the graduates who had acted as a valuable support network through cooking, driving, acting as alarm clocks, event planners, listeners, editors, etc.  He said, “The last year of school is challenging if you are aiming high and the support that our students have had from their families has been instrumental in their success.”

He also explained very well that the Principal’s award is given each year to one student only.  This year however, no matter how hard he tried to find a differential in the scoring and measuring of achievements, two students were tied, in terms of their academic successes, their extra-curricular contributions to the school and the community, and the impeccable way in which they had presented and conducted themselves in the last year.




The English School of Kyrenia 4. Mezuniyet Töreni 24 Haziran 2017 tarihinde Yönetim Kurulu üyeleri, akademik kadro, öğrenci yakınları ve Imperial College’den gelen konuk konuşmacı Profesör Dorothy Griffiths’in katılımlarıyla gerçekleşti.

Törende konuşan ESK Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı Sayın Bilge Nevzat mezunları tebrik ederek, ESK’daki eğitimleri boyunca edindikleri altı çok önemli prensibi hayata taşımalarının önemine vurgu yaparken, saygı, dürüstlük, adalet, samimiyet, güven ve bütünlük anlayışı ile hayatları boyunca onları mutluluğa götürecek yolları seçmelerini dilediğini belirtti.

Konuşmacılardan Sayın Fehim Nevzat, başarılı bir eğitim ve öğretimdeki temel  özelliklere dikkati çekerek, öğrenci, aile ve okul arasındaki işbirliğinin önemini vurgulayıp, mezunlara gelecekte başarılar diledi.

Profesör Dorothy Griffiths ve Okul Müdürü Hector MacDonald yaptıkları konuşmalarda ESK mezunlarının çok donanımlı, uluslararası bir eğitim alarak dünyanın ileri gelen üniversitelerinden kabul aldıklarını ve eğitim ve tüm hayatları boyunca çok başarılı bireyler olarak yollarını çizeceklerine inandıklarını dile getirerek, 2017 mezunlarına şans diledi. Konuşmaların ardından mezunları aileleri ve öğretmenleri ile birlikte kutlamalara devam etti.



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