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Happy PI Day

ESK Secondary “Pi Day” celebrations were really fantastic this year. On account various activities took place in all mathematics classes. The best pi – poster and memorising pi –digits and also free hand circle drawing competitions occurred.


The winners of the “Pi- Poster Competition” were:

1. Elif Güngör, 2. Yasmin Avdji and 3. Çisem Mesaryalı


The winners of the “Memorising pi-digits competition” were:

1. Irmak Gürtuna (with 252 digits) 2. Nooreen Hashimi (with 201 digits) and 3. Jacob Swanson (with 147 digits)


And the winners of the “Free hand circle drawing competition” were:

Buse Ayan, 2. Melisa  Adadağ, and 3. İsmet Esendağlı


Winners received their awards and certificates.

We are so thankful to all the students and their parents for all their support.


(By Yeşim Gökyay, Secondary Maths Teacher)



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