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Junior MUNKY Conference

Since September 2016, the Junior MUN club has been run every Tuesday by Y12 student Buse Ucanlar and Mrs. Suman along with the help of Tolga Koray and Koray Ibrahim.

After weeks of preparation and lots of resolution writing practice, on the 28th March, Tuesday after school a group of 40 students came together to participate in the second annual Junior MUNKY conference organised by a small group of students, Buse Ucanlar, Tolga Koray, Azra Say, Koray Ibrahim, Naz Fincancioglu, Noah Swanson, Kerem Ibrahim and Mohammed Musa along with their teacher Mrs Suman.

In the 3 hour conference, 2 topics were debated; taking actions on the Syrian-Turkish refugee and border problem, and promoting the use of renewable energy resources.


The delegates all had very fruitful debates, it was a great experience to embark upon their MUN journeys and to carry them on in the years to come. The delegates also had delicious refreshments organised by the team. 


Awards were given to the delegates who debated exceptionally. The most promising delegates were Emre Cevdet and Jacob Swanson, best delegates were Daniel Aldred, Yasmin Avdji, and Serin Kayserilioğlu. The outstanding delegate award went to Hana Omer. The students all did a fantastic job!


(By Buse Ucanlar, Y12 Student)  



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