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Y6 Karpaz Residential Trip Blog/Day

After a successful journey and a yummy lunch with Hasan Balcı, Y6 got settled into their dormitories!

They then started the five different activities within Balcı Plaza! The children enjoyed team games that showed off their amazing communicational and cooperational skills. As well as activities that tested all their different senses!

We even enjoyed a visit from Mr Roberts! After our activities, the children and adults enjoyed another yummy meal with Hasan. We grabbed our jumpers and torches and sat around a campfire on the beach!

We sang songs and listened to stories whilst sipping hot chocolate and munching on toasted marshmallows!

Later on, we quietly got settled into bed and lights were turned off!

This morning, we are already up and tucking into a huge breakfast. We are having a lovely time and settling in so well! Can't wait to get started on today's activities and then star gazing this evening!


(By Year 6 Team) 



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